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  • Can Hedgehog Eat Oranges?
    Hedgehogs are quite unique in their appearance, and they are quite different from other pets. Having one means you have a potential ally in the garden since they’re true nocturnal … Read more
  • Can Hedgehogs Eat Broccoli?
    Hedgehogs love treats and as a hedgehog owner, you’re probably always looking for new treats to keep your hedgehog both healthy and excited to see you. Can Hedgehogs eat broccoli? … Read more
  • Can Hedgehogs Eat Cicadas?
    Do you have a pet hedgehog? It’s great fun to find new and exciting foods to treat your hedgehog with. Hedgehogs mostly eat bugs, so if you want to give … Read more
  • Can Hedgehogs See In The Dark?
    Time to learn a bit more about hedgehogs, these cute little animals are rather popular on the internet these days! Today we’ll cover some interesting facts about them as well … Read more
  • Do Hedgehogs Need Bath?
    Unlike other animals, hedgehogs do not groom themselves. In the wild, they use dry objects to rub themselves and get clean. They are generally clean animals and do not need … Read more
  • Can Hedgehogs Eat Tuna?
    Protein is a non-negotiable part of a hedgehog’s diet. So, since tuna is an immense source of protein, you may be considering feeding it to your hedgie. But is it … Read more