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Can Hedgehogs Jump?

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A hedgehog is able to jump. Hedgehogs are not commonly known for their ability to jump. Nevertheless, they do have that ability and may display it oftentimes in various situations.

Hedgehog in the palm of a man

When a hedgehog jumps for whatever reason the owner should pay attention this behavior and take note of any suspicious or abnormal symptoms to make sure that the hedgehog is in full health and not attempting to display pain or discomfort.

Why do hedgehogs jump?

Hedgehogs may jump for a variety of reasons, of course, these reasons depend on the age and personality of your hedgehog.

Below are the most common reasons why a hedgehog may be jumping.

Potential predators

When a hedgehog feels threatened in their environment either in the wild or as a pet, there are various ways they attempt to defend themselves from this danger. One of these ways is jumping.

A hedgehog’s most common reflex towards danger is a quick huff or bundle of noises that will hopefully scare off the predator.

However, if this does not work and the hedgehog feels anxious and threatened, they may start to curl up as a protection strategy and do small jumps or twitches as a way to scare off the predator and be perceived as intimidating.


If your hedgehog is hungry they may display some sign that will display that to their owners. One of these signs is jumping.

Nevertheless, hedgehogs are small creatures and cannot jump very high with their short legs. This may be a small jump into the air to get their owner’s attention. The hedgehog will display one or more small jumps to get its owner’s attention in hopes of receiving some sort of food or treat.


Similar to hunger, a hedgehog may become active, including jumping, when they are feeling playful and wanting to play around either with their owners, alone, or with other hedgehogs.

By jumping they are communicating that they are in an active state and ready to be played with.

Girl holds cute hedgehog in her hands

Should I be concerned if my hedgehog is jumping?

There is no need to be concerned if you find your hedgehog jumping. All hedgehogs have different personalities and some may be more active than others. Some may jump in certain situations and some may remain calm.

This is all up to the characteristics and personality of the hedgehog. But remembering to take note and watch this behavior is crucial to make sure your hedgehog is not overwhelmed and is comfortable in its environment.

Special note

This information is not a suitable replacement for medical advice. If you believe your hedgehog is displaying abnormal symptoms or is showing odd behavior it is important to take them to a veterinarian right away to treat and prevent any serious health issues!