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Can Hedgehogs Eat Bananas?

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If you have ever gotten the chance to see hedgehogs in wild, you’ll realize that they primarily feed upon small insects, mostly beetles.

Beetles and other insects provide hedgehogs with chitin. Apart from these tiny insects, hedgehogs can also feed on small plants, snails and fruits.

Having a pet hedgehog at home can be a delight.

They’re cute and very responsive to their owners in a friendly manner.

When it comes to feeding your hedgehog, you can find commercial Hedgehog feed in the market, just anywhere in pet shops; or you can also get it online.

If you wish to treat your hedgie to some delicious snacks, fruits can be a great way to give their taste buds a sizzle.

african dwarf hedgehog on yellow banana and yellow background

Can hedgehogs eat bananas?

Yes, hedgehogs can safely eat bananas.

Hedgehogs love bananas when given as treats.

The only part of the banana you should give to your hedgehog should be the flesh.

Anything other than the flesh including seeds, peels and even the stalk and ends of the banana can be harmful to your hedgehog.

As humans, we know that bananas are super healthy and tasty. They have a distinct taste which remains unmatched by any other fruit.

Luckily, your pet hedgehog can also enjoy bananas as treats once in a while.

Is Banana a Healthy Treat for Hedgehogs to Consume?

When you consider a staple diet for your hedgehog, including bananas on a daily basis is not really ideal.

But hedgehogs love to eat fruits occasionally. So, bananas can certainly be given as treats to your hedgie.

You can try giving banana pieces as treats once or twice a week.

However, it is completely up to your pet hedgehog whether they actually like it or not. So try giving a little in the beginning and observe.

If your hedgehog likes it, you can start giving it weekly once or twice as a treat for its taste buds.

What parts of the bananas can hedgehogs eat?

The flesh of the banana can be an optimum treat for your hedgehog/s.

Don’t try to feed your hedgehog the peels or the ends of the banana as it pretty much resembles a seed and can cause digestive tract problems.

How do I feed my hedgehogs bananas?

Try it out slowly at first, don’t just jump right into it.

To begin with, give a very small piece to your hedgehog, the first time you are giving it as a treat. Observe its reaction to it.

Peeled and sliced banana on wooden gray table

Most hedgehogs like to smell it out before they start eating any kind of food – like any other animal.

If your hedgie likes the taste of the first bit of banana it gets, give a tad bit bigger piece as an extra treat.

Bananas can be sticky so please keep an eye on your hedgehog when you put bananas in its food bowl to eat and make sure it doesn’t choke on it.

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Hedgehogs eating Bananas:

Can hedgehogs eat overripe bananas?

Overripe bananas are too sweet, meaning they have too much sugar.

Too much sugar in your hedgehog’s diet, even as treats, can pose as a problem.

Ripeness of bananas is an important factor not just when humans are eating it, but also when it is included in an animal’s diet.

Overripe bananas being too sugary can cause hyperglycemia in your hedgie.

Also, under-ripe bananas can be very hard to digest, causing an upset stomach in hedgehogs.

Always check the ripeness and smell of the bananas before feeding it to your pet hedgehog.

Can baby hedgehogs eat bananas as treats?

Baby hedgehogs, also known as ‘hoglets’, usually should be given tinned cat food (non-fish).

Its not ideal to start hoglets/ baby hedgehogs on treats like fruits or mealworms as their digestive systems are still a bit sensitive.

So avoid feeding your baby hedgehogs bananas until they get a bit bigger and develop a taste for treats.

Banana Treat Ideas for Your Hedgehog

Banana Berry Salad

Berries are also a great treat for your hedgie friend!

You can take advantage of this and make a spruced up fruit treat. Dice bananas into very small bite-sized pieces (hedgehog bite-sized please!), and also cut blueberries or strawberries (or both!) in the same size as the bananas.

Mix it well, but make sure you don’t mash them up. Mashed fruits can be eaten by hedgehogs but it can get pretty sticky.

Things to Remember!

Banana is a treat, not a dietary staple for your hedgehog

Too much banana can make your hedgehog sick.

Little hedgehog in the hands of a vet

Bananas are available all year round and much more easily available than other berries such as strawberries, blueberries or pineapples which are dear to hedgehogs as treats.

But just because bananas can be at your home constantly, it doesn’t have to be given regularly to your hedgehog.

Limit the banana treats to a maximum of three times a week.

Make sure you have fresh bananas as treats

Bananas are prone to spoiling quickly.

The perfectly ripe banana must not be stale if you plan on treating your hedgehog with banana bites. 

So, how to check if your bananas are fresh enough to feed to your hedgie?

Look at the stem of the banana, it should be greenish yellow in color and there shouldn’t be any dark pitting on the skin of the banana.

Keep your hedgehog company while it enjoys the banana bites

Banana pieces can be slippery and sticky.

When your hedgehog is eating banana treats, the banana can stick to its feet and then dry super quickly.

This can be dangerous for a hedgehog leading to discomfort and itching.

Keep an eye on your hedgehog if it’s a messy eater and if something like this happens, make sure you wipe your hedgehog’s feet with warm water and cotton balls.

Also make sure that the banana pieces are bite-sized and easy to eat for your hedgehog.

Final Thoughts

Hedgehogs are great pets, and they deserve the best of treats and care.

Keep your hedgie happy with occasional treats but don’t forget to be careful with it.

Don’t overdo stuff like giving treats too often even if it makes your hedgehog smile in delight. Too many treats can lead to tummy troubles.

Consult your vet if you find any problems with your hedgehog’s diet.

Ask questions, follow instructions, and most importantly, make sure your little friend enjoys treat time and every moment of the day; because hedgehogs deserve it all, don’t they?